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   the power of the horse is the herd.

Janet W. Hagen, Ph.D., M.B.A.

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EAL Training & Certification:

Last Friday and Saturday in October and First Friday in November.

Note that I have had several requests for additional training.  We can schedule trainings around your dates with a minimum of 6 participants and no more than 10.

Day 1:  Meet at our home facility  N7394 N. Brusewitz Rd. Black Creek, WI. We will spend the first half of the day in the arena experiencing equine-assisted learning.  You will engage in a variety of activities and challenges with the horses to understand EAL. Then we will have lunch and spend the rest of the day in a classroom setting learning about the underlying theory and concepts of the Pegasus Approach.  We will go over the ethical code and basic principles. Remember!  The Pegasus Approach is research based and outcome oriented -not just a "feel good" approach!

Day 2:   We will spend the first half of this day in the classroom identifying those areas of interest to you and learning about the specifics of the consumer group you are interested in serving: autism and other developmental issues, domestic abuse, leadership, empowerment. The Pegasus Approach is a generalist approach that lends itself to many different issues depending on your background and needs. At this session you will be given assistance in where to go for information to write your paper about your client/consumer group. Following lunch we will again be in the barn learning, facilitating and experiencing activities and talking and thinking about how they would be kept the same and/or modified depending on your client/consumer group.

Day 3: We will spend the day in the barn presenting the information from your papers, doing activities with you as the facilitator and further developing your skills.

To apply for certification download the application: Download Application Complete the application and then mail with the certification fee $545 . which includes all 3 days, lunch & all materials) to Pegasus Leadership, 1310 Candlelight Court Oshkosh, WI 54904. The application will ask for your horse experience, your educational background and counseling and/or leadership experience as well as why you believe you would be a good candidate for this type of work. Upon receipt of your application, Pegasus will contact you with the specifics and send you the pre-training materials.

Certification hosted by Chaps Academy, Shioctin!
pegasus certification
Certification at our Home Facility
fall 2008 certification

Why certification? Pegasus sets the highest standards for theoretically-sound and data-driven practice. We are not just a "feel-good" approach. Your knowledge of horses and people combined with the Pegasus Approach makes a winning team. Most insurance companies require certification to be covered for equine-assisted learning. We provide the support you need to develop your own programs. Why not add another revenue stream to your horse business?
What are the requirements for certification?
Three days of  education. Homework based on the trainings and the field of equine-assisted learning. This includes a 3 - 5 page paper in the area of your practice (for Specialist and Consultant levels only). Agreement to engage in ethical practice and to follow our ethical code. One day of follow-up Pegasus education must be completed each year.
What are the types of certification?
Equine Associate: Requires knowledge about horses and horse behavior, including safety issues. This level does not require the paper. This certification is for the knowledgeable horse-person who wants to assist others in equine-assisted programs.
Pegasus Specialist: Requires a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree (or a combination of education and leadership experience) in areas that support equine-assisted learning. This level assumes good knowledge about horses and horse behavior, including safety issues. This certification is for the person who wants to deliver equine-assisted services to people within their area of expertise.
Pegasus Consultant: Requires a minimum of Bachelor's Degree and another degree (MS, MSW, JD, etc.) along with significant leadership experience. This level assumes good knowledge about horses and horse behavior, including safety issues. This certification is for the person who is the director of an agency, or who wants to deliver services under the Pegasus Leadership umbrella. In addition to the certification training, the Consultant will work with another Consultant a minimum of three group sessions. 
Special Note to Licensed Professonal Counselors, Social Workers, Marriage and Family and related fields:  This certification qualifies for 26 hours of continuing education. If you are interested the 4 additional hours required for Ethics - we can include this in the training for an additional fee (will require additional time by the participant).