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The power of the herd is the horse...
   the power of the horse is the herd.

Janet W. Hagen, Ph.D., M.B.A.

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Equine-Assisted Team & Leadership Development

Pegasus is celebrating our 10th Anniversary next Spring.  Right now we are hard at work updating our website, logo and publications. We are also working on a manuscript reporting on three years of pre-post test increases in self-efficacy.

Meanwhile we are still scheduling  seminars and trainings.

Continuing Ethics Education for Social Workers, Professional Counselors, Board Certified Human Service Practioners and others in related fields;

4 Credits of Professional Ethics - Friday June 27 9:00 - 1:00.  A pilot program limited to 12 participants.  Self-awareness, boundaries and diversity issues.  Email or give us a call to see if there is still room  920 420 3825

Pegasus News

Pegasus is proud to announce that we donated a Pegasus Approach EAL Training to Chaps Academy Spring 2014:
16 staff members were certified as either Pegasus Associates or Specialists with one achieving Consultant status.

Don't Forget!

Corporate Team Building Seminars:  Bring your team out for an amazing experience with our skilled facilitators and people-friendly horses.    

Call or email for a personalized consultation and demonstration.

No experience with horses? No
problem. Our participants regularly
report feeling comfortable working
with our horses within a short period
of time. We strive to respect your
individual comfort-level through
a variety of experiential activities—
both with and without the horses.
Learning takes place within your own
experience, as well as observing the
experience of others.
all horses image

How it works
At each Pegasus seminar we first help participants get comfortable interacting with the horses.  Then we present a series of problem-solving challenges with the horses.  These challenges are especially designed to elicit issues relevant team,  leadership and organizational development. Skilled facilitation, feedback from other participants and interpretation of the horses reactions to their behavior immediately enhance skills.

People who participate in our programs  love the challenges, authentic interaction and behavior change. Organizations love the energy and renewed commitment generated at a Pegasus workshop that leads to utilization of the full potential of their human capital.

princely with 3 women
Change my life??? Seriously?!

Some comments:
I was amazed at how much effect a horse can have on people...very unique and enjoyable...I probably learned the most from watching others interact with the horses and attempt to complete the tasks at hand...I thought this was a wonderful training...I loved the many opportunities to collaborate, challenge oneself, trust, reflect and think.
For more information on specific topics related to equine-assisted development, read some of the information in the Articles link (side of this page.)